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Boosting Energy for the Winter Months

As the holiday's end, we are all faced with the rest of the winter. Getting up and out into the cold can be a challenge. And staying the course for the whole day gets more difficult when there is no sunlight on the way there or back. All of us deal differently with these issues, but there is help to be found in natural remedies and lifestyle changes.

Here are some ideas to boost yourself up until springtime comes around. Most of these measures can be implemented without much cost. Though, it can take some effort to stay on a good path.

Staying Hydrated

While we all know the dangers of dehydration in the summer months, the danger is real all year round. Make sure you are staying on top of your water needs. A good rule of thumb is to check your urine for color. Darker colored urine is an indication of being dehydrated, no matter the weather.

If drinking cold water is not appealing to you when there’s a chill in the air, you can try to keep up with room temperature water or herbal teas. Adding Gatorade or Pedialyte to your routine could be necessary if you are dealing with dehydration from an illness or exhausting event.

Checking your Vitamin Levels

If you can’t seem to shake your fatigue, there may be more going on than just winter. Make an appointment with a local physician to run a battery of tests on you.

Your energy levels could be affected by a vitamin deficiency that you have developed. This can be especially tricky in the winter months because there is typically a lot less sunshine to be had. This can impact your vitamin D levels, which can wreak havoc on you and can certainly cause fatigue. This nutrient can be hard to come by from food alone. Discuss options with your doctor, such as light therapy or a prescription for vitamin D.

Other vitamins can be found in food. Some people tend to crave a lot of carbohydrates in the winter month. And while bread or pasta can be a good base for cold outdoor activities and can surely be comforting, it does not pack enough good nutrients. Try to supplement the carbs with lots of vegetables, whole fruits, and juices, and supplements.

Vitamin B levels can be negatively impacted by an unhealthy diet. Make sure you are getting enough. Check out some superfoods such as bee pollen or amino acids to get a jump start.

Getting Enough Sleep

While this may be impossible for new parents or cramming students, most of us really could find a little more time to sleep. Try to plan a nightly wind-down period, one that ends with a consistent sleep time every night. Put away the screens, get your bedroom dark and try to read a book or listen to some relaxing music. Try to make your bedroom a place where sleep is expected and easy to come by.

As you can see, you are not alone in your fight against winter fatigue. Staying healthy and energized can be a reality if you look out for yourself with preventative measures. Here’s to a safe, healthy and happy 2022!

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