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Coronavirus Vaccine: Fact vs. Myth

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The COVID 19 vaccine has finally arrived. This new innovation that has been long anticipated worldwide and will bring relief to families, businesses, and government officials. However, many are still skeptical about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Social media and common distrust of the pharmaceutical industry have cultivated a scare culture surrounding the vaccine. We’re here to dispel any misconceptions by discussing five of the most common myths involving the COVID 19 vaccine.

Myth: The COVID 19 Vaccine is Unsafe Because it was Developed Quickly

The vaccine has proven to be safe and effective in trials and is certified by the FDA. The creation of this vaccine has been a worldwide, concentrated effort by medical experts. It has endured clinical trials that were no shorter than other approved vaccines.

Myth: The Vaccine has Severe Side Effects

While there are some mild side effects associated with COVID, they won’t be very different from those of other vaccines. Mild muscle pain, chills, and headaches are quite common with any vaccine. It’s extremely rare for anyone to have a severe reaction from the vaccine.

Myth: You Can Get COVID from the Vaccine

This one is perhaps the most common misconception. But rest assured, you cannot get COVID 19 from the vaccine. The vaccine itself does not contain the live virus, so it is impossible to actually contract COVID 19 this way.

Myth: The Vaccine Causes Infertility

The COVID 19 vaccine does not affect fertility. It encourages the body to create copies of certain proteins found on the surface of the virus. This helps one to develop immunity against the virus. There was a false report on social media that caused panic when it was found that another protein called syncytin-1 affected the growth and attachment of the placenta during pregnancy. This protein, however, is in no way associated with the COVID protein, which does not cause miscarriages or infertility.

Myth: If I’ve Already had COVID, I Don’t Need the Vaccine

Since there is not enough information regarding how long the antibodies will protect someone after they’ve had COVID, it’s advised to get the vaccine even if you’ve already had the virus. Research suggests that natural immunity from COVID may not last long. Protect yourself and put your mind at ease by getting the vaccine!

When flu season started, Maryland Primary Care advocated for everyone to get the flu vaccine, especially during COVID. We can assure you that the COVID vaccine is no different than the yearly flu vaccine, which has been trusted by the public for several years. If you still have questions or concerns, contact our offices today! We will be more than happy to bring you peace of mind as well as provide comfort and encouragement so that you can keep yourself and your family safe. Contact our doctors today!

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