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Foods to Avoid in the Fight against Arthritis

Arthritis is a complicated condition. It can severely change the quality of life for those suffering. In its essence, this disease is having swelling and pain in any of the joints. There are two varieties to know about. Osteoarthritis is when cartilage wears away from your joints, which allows damage and discomfort for the bones. The other form it can take is rheumatoid arthritis, which is more complicated. In this instance, the person’s immune system breaks down the lining between bones.

The symptoms are mostly pain-related and centered in the joints. This includes swelling, stiffness, and extreme discomfort. There may also be redness around the area. At the first signs of these developments, make sure you consult a local doctor. You want to find a good physician or team that deals with these types of disorders very often.

The main treatments aim to relieve pain and make movement easier. Medication is available to help alleviate some of the distress. These can include a range of things from over-the-counter drugs to steroids. Physical therapy is also an option and, sometimes, protective measures such as a brace or cane may be implemented. The most severe response would be getting surgery on the afflicted joints.

Besides these remedies, lifestyle is also a factor in treatment, and in the prevention of worsening symptoms. Diet is one of the most important areas to consider. While increasing omega-3 intake and adhering to the Mediterranean diet has proved helpful for many, today we want to take a look at some things to avoid.

  • Certain meats

Fatty red meat can increase inflammation of the joints, which is basically what arthritis is. Other meats that create a similar effect are organ meats and those that are cured, like bacon and ham.

  • Sugar

Consuming excess sugar can also distress the joints, as well as help someone pack on some extra pounds. Being overweight makes it harder on the body overall. The knees, hips, and back have to work more when a person is heavier.

This is an interesting one, as the evidence is mainly anecdotal. People who abstain from these vegetables usually report an improvement of their symptoms related to arthritis. Examples of nightshades include eggplant, sweet and hot peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes.

Fats come in different varieties, and some of them can trigger swelling or pain in the joints. There are also a number of different oils it would be better to avoid.

Basically, saturated fats are going to hurt the condition. This includes most animal fats, so things as meat, cheese, and butter. Trans fats are also harmful. These are mainly found in hydrolyzed oils, which are largely manmade. As far as oils go, the list is long. It may be a little difficult, at first, to cut these out, as they are very prevalent. However, the relief felt will make it easier to stick to it. The oils that can worsen the condition include sunflower, corn, soy, safflower, vegetable and coconut.

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