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How to Cope With Menopause

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Our bodies go through continuous changes during our lifetime. One of those changes recognized by women everywhere is menopause. Menopause is the transition from your fertile years into your more advanced stage of life. It is a natural decline in reproductive hormones as a woman reaches her 40s or 50s. These years should be enjoyed as children are leaving the home or starting their own families. But menopause can have its complications. Here are four ways to help you cope with the changes!

Find Ways to Cool Down

Hot flashes can be offset by just about everything. Heat, caffeine, and alcohol are all contributors of hot flashes, so try your best to hold back from these as you welcome the change. Waking up in the middle of the night with sweats? Try wearing cooler pajamas, sleeping with less blankets, using a fan, or keeping a bag or frozen produce under your pillow. Be sure you’re drinking plenty of water during the day!

Antidepressants and/or Birth Control

If you had tough mood swings during your menstrual years, the ups and downs during menopause might be tougher. Antidepressants and birth control can be helpful when traversing the uneasiness of menopause. Since your hormone levels are dropping and changing rapidly, you may need help regulating them. Talk to your doctor about your options!

Find Time for Desire

With estrogen declining, it makes sense that sex changes with menopause. You may be finding intercourse less comfortable or less frequent. This is normal, and nothing to be afraid of. Plenty of couples remain intimate during their later years. Listen to your body as what used to feel good may not be as enjoyable anymore. Communication and compassion are key!

Exercise and Get Plenty of Sleep

Mental fog is a real thing with menopause, so it’s important to keep your mind and body sharp. Get plenty of sleep and stay on those daily jogs! Even walking for just 30 minutes a day will help with the fog. Weightlifting is great for when you’re going through menopause as muscles are changing too. Give your body what it needs by staying active and staying sharp!

Not all changes in life are bad. Menopause is one of those seasons and is a satisfying change to be welcomed. The kids are grown, you have more time with yourself and your partner. Use this time to explore activities you were once too busy to maintain. Pay attention to your body, and implement the self care you need! Discuss intimacy and have fun! Most importantly, take care of yourself by getting proper exercise and nutrition.

Our staff at Maryland Primary Care is filled with friendly, trained professionals who will help you manage the changes of menopause. Reach out to us today for assistance in this next season of life!

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