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I Have Diabetes, Now What?

4 Things to Do After Your Diagnosis

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Living with diabetes is tough. At times, it seems like everything revolves around your diet, eating schedule, and constantly poking yourself. But life doesn’t have to be so grim after your diagnosis. Even if you’ve had diabetes for a while, there are some basics that you may need to be reminded of from time to time. It’s all about routine, but life happens, and slips happen. So here’s a little reminder, and four things you should do when dealing with diabetes.

  1. Get Moving!

Even if you don’t have diabetes, it could be wise to consult a doctor before starting an exercise program. It’s also important to be mindful, ensuring that your insulin levels are between at least 70 and 240 when working out. Exercise has tons of benefits no matter what your condition. In addition to keeping a good diet for your diabetes, exercise will help to keep you leveled out as well. So ask your doctor what you need, stay on top of your insulin, and get active!

  1. Maintain Healthy Insulin Levels

Whether you use insulin or not, it’s critical to make sure your levels are up to speed. If you take insulin, make sure you’re checking and taking it at the appropriate times. If you’re managing through diet only, make sure you’re on top of it. We could all use this advice!

  1. Follow the Appropriate Diet

Having diabetes makes you more sensitive to what you put in your body, so be sure to avoid high sugars, salts, or a lot of processed foods in general. Whole grains, omega 3s (found in salmon) and vegetables are ideal for someone with diabetes. If you’re worried about your food tasting bland after a while, try sodium free seasonings. There are tons of salt free herbs and spices at your local market!

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

It’s tough admitting when we need help, but having a support system is necessary in your diabetes journey. It could be a trusted friend, family member, your spouse, or your doctor. You may not need it now, but forming relationships in the present may prove to be vital when future needs come about. Don’t be ashamed, we all need help!

At every phase of our lives, we mustn't forget the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Every now and then, it’s good to remind ourselves the importance of sticking to a routine. Life isn’t perfect, but especially for someone with diabetes, routines can be vital. Finding creative ways to manage or refresh your routine can be key. It’s all about maintaining levels, having a constant, open dialogue with your doctor, and reaching out when you need help. Everyone’s needs are different, and there is no cookie cutter lifestyle for diabetes. Just do your best, listen to your body and your health care professional, and never forget the basics!

If you have diabetes or are interested in changing your lifestyle, call our offices today! Our staff is willing and ready to answer any questions you may have. We’d love to see you for an appointment!

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