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Information for Allergy Sufferers

Allergens can be anywhere, whether in the home or outdoors. Fortunately, awareness of your own allergies can help you stay on top of your body’s reaction to them. Whether you require an epi-pen or not, you should always be aware of old and new allergies, as they can develop and worsen over time. Your physician can perform or schedule a test to determine what common allergies you might have.

Speak to your doctor if you have any of these common allergies, or any other allergies that may not be on this list. Always call your emergency response number if you have a severe allergic reaction of any kind.

Household Allergens

Household allergens are often associated with pets or skin flakes, but can include many other things. There are potential treatments for some of these, but of course, avoidance is best for any you can stay away from and keep out of your home.

· Dust

· Dust mites

· Smoke

· Mold

· Pet dander

Contact Allergens

When you have an allergic reaction due to skin contact with certain materials, such as a rash, this is a contact allergen. These can be a little easier to avoid, though sometimes you may need to check to see what materials certain products are made of before handling them to avoid a reaction.

· Jewelry

· Cosmetics

· Latex

· Plants


Knowing what kinds of medication causes allergies is not just helpful for you, but for anyone who might have to take care of you, medically or otherwise. Be sure to keep this information with you, in case of an emergency (as well as any other allergies), to avoid these medicines being used in your treatment.

· Anti-seizure medications

· Some heart medicines

· Penicillin


You won’t always know what’s in the food at a restaurant, or a party, so it’s always a safe bet to ask. It’s also fine if you’re expected somewhere to let them know of your allergies ahead of time, so that you know what options you have. Avoidance is your best friend when it comes to food allergies.

· Milk and other dairy

· Shellfish

· Citrus fruit

· Nuts

· Artificial colorings and flavorings

Insect Bites and Stings

Insect bites and stings, while common, can certainly cause increasingly worse reactions over the years. This could eventually mean that it only takes one sting to kill you. An epi-pen helps here, as well as with other allergies, and awareness of your environment – and avoidance – never hurts your chances.

· Honeybees

· Hornets

· Paper wasps

· Fire ants

How to Treat Allergies

Always be aware of your surroundings, and be aware of what is in the food you are eating, if you have food allergies. If you have a new allergic reaction, even if it doesn’t seem “common,” you should first look out for any signs of anaphylaxis or any other life-threatening symptoms (if they exist, seek immediate medical attention). If you don’t experience them, keep track of these types of reactions for when you next speak with your physician. You should always inform a doctor if you discover a new allergy.

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