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Skin Conditions Like Acne

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Everyone has different skincare needs because everyone’s skin is, well, different! From blackheads to oily skin, to dry or irritated skin, we’ve all got something going on above or beneath the surface. Just like our skincare needs, not all skin issues are the same! Apart from acne, which can appear during adolescence or adulthood, there are several other types of skin irritations you should be aware of! Here’s our lovely list of conditions like acne!


These nasty, pea sized, pus pockets are uncomfortable and miserable. Boils are usually hard, red cysts under the skin that are filled with white or yellow ooze. They can form anywhere, but are usually found on the face or sweaty areas of the body. Caused by staph bacteria, boils can become painful as they grow until finally bursting on their own. If you begin to feel feverish and it’s not going away, call your doctor!


Everyone’s had whiteheads at some point in their life. Clogged pores are the main cause, and they usually happen during puberty, menstruation, or pregnancy. Basically whatever causes excess oil production in the skin will contribute to whiteheads. Be wary or your diet and the type of products you’re putting on your skin, your habits may be the cause!


Blackheads are open comedones on the surface of the skin, filled with oil and dead skin cells. You can treat these with over the counter medications by or talking to your dermatologist. Blackheads are clogged pores and hair follicles, not dirt, so don’t fret! We all get them, but if it’s giving you a tough time, it’s time to talk to a skincare specialist.


Papules are like clusters or skin lesions, changing the look and texture of your skin. They’re usually harmless, caused by simple irritations or other anomalies like eczema or warts. Creams and over the counter medications may be necessary, though properly washing your face can limit papules.


Pustules are bulging patches of skin filled with off colored pus. They usually show up when your body is trying to fight an infection. As white blood cells gather, your body may begin to show the signs! Like other acne type conditions, they form in sweaty areas of the body. If a pustule is painful or warm, call your doctor immediately, something more serious might be going on!


Nodules are enlarged glands that develop deep beneath the skin. Dermatologists use this as a broad term to classify any lump that is underneath the skin. It can be inflammation caused by an autoimmune reaction. Apart from the skin, serious nodules are those that form on the lungs or thyroid. You should consider seeing your doctor if you believe the nodules are a symptom of something more serious. Especially if it’s not going away!


An epidermoid cyst is a noncancerous lump beneath the skin that can appear anywhere on the body. They’re slow growing and often painless, usually disappearing after a short time. The only reason why you should consider asking for help with your cyst is if it’s causing you pain or is infected. There are also cosmetic reasons for removing cysts. These are nothing to sweat about and should go away soon!

As you can see, not all skin oozes and bumps are the same! Whether the reason is cosmetic or painful, you know when it’s time to talk to your doctor. Most skin irritations aren’t serious, but it’s still good to know which one of the many types you may be experiencing. No matter what, wash your face, remove all makeup before sleeping, eat a balanced diet, and avoid products that are harmful to your skin.

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