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Why You Need a Flu Shot, Especially During COVID 19

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As we await the arrival of a coronavirus vaccine, an all too familiar virus is still lurking in the shadows. According to experts, between 40 and 50 million Americans will contract the flu in peak season. With December fast approaching, it may be time to visit your local physician. With 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, it’s time more than ever to make sure you and your family are safeguarded from the flu this year. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s why you should get the flu shot despite the fact that the COVID vaccine may be just around the corner.

Hospitals are Crowded

According to Dr. Charles Chiu, COVID combined with the expected flu season will leave hospitals overwhelmed. In the beginning of the year, hotels and extra buildings were utilized for the purpose of expanding coronavirus units. With the overcrowding of hospitals, it’s been a challenge for healthcare professionals to get everyone the care they need. As a result, we all need to do our part with social distancing, wearing masks, and quarantining when necessary. In addition, you need to get a flu shot. You could potentially be giving one more at risk person the chance to receive coronavirus treatment. Save a space and a life, protect yourself with a flu shot!

You Don’t Want to Get Both at the Same Time

Despite the fact that the flu has a less than 0.1% fatality rate, the coronavirus has proven to be ten times more fatal. Even those who are young and healthy could be at risk for succumbing to the coronavirus. Contracting the flu will increase mortality rates. These are scary times, and you need to be taking the extra precautions to ensure not only your health, but the health and safety of others.

You Run the Risk of Becoming a Greater Transmitter

Just because you don’t have coronavirus symptoms, does not mean you can’t still be asymptomatic or a carrier. It’s actually estimated that 80% of coronavirus carriers are asymptomatic. With the flu, you won’t know if you’re contagious until after your symptoms. You may be contagious for about two to three days prior, to be exact. A compromised immune system is a breeding ground for coronavirus transmission. If you’ve contracted the flu, just be aware that you’re in greater danger of contracting COVID as well as spreading to others. Flu shots are available everywhere and usually for free. So why not protect yourself?

Remaining health conscious in the midst of a global pandemic should expand beyond the guidelines already set in place. As we wait for an official vaccine, it would be wise to take advantage of the other vaccines that would benefit our immune systems in the meantime. Save a life, protect yourself, and leave a hospital bed open for someone who really needs it. If you’re thinking about getting a flu shot, feel free to call our offices via the contact information below. We encourage everyone to get a flu shot with the peak, Holiday season advancing so quickly. Our staff is ready to answer any questions or inquiries you may have, call today!

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