Mental Health Services

Maryland Primary Care & Wellness is an outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment program that serves children, age 5 and up, adolescents and adults residing in Prince George’s County, Maryland and surrounding areas.  Our experienced clinicians have extensive experience  treating individuals that suffer with substance use disorders and mental health including Depression, Bipolar disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, OCD and Schizophrenia.

Our belief is that every individual has potential for positive changes and integration into the community. Services offered include mental health and substance abuse counseling, medication management, assessments, treatment planning, transition, case management, crisis intervention and discharge planning

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Mental Health Treatment

We provide care to people suffering from Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder. To enter this program, each person will have an intake and assessment to determine their treatment needs. The presenting problem will be identified and it may include situational stressors, family relations, interpersonal relationships, mental health issues, life span issues, substance use disorders and other addictive behaviors.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services 

We provide  Community Integration Services for children and adults with mental health and addiction problems. The program is designed to safely assist patients to gain control of their lives, through empowerment of individuals and families.  Successful service coordination results in  increased independence of patients and vocational competency.  The programs provide occasional counseling and crisis intervention. 

Children and Adolescents

We provide services to children and adolescents for mental health and substance abuse. Our philosophy is that all adolescents and children have potential to grow in an environment that supports their wellbeing. We   believe that it is possible to change and overcome all stressors of life in order to regain control in the children and adolescents'  lives. 

Substance abuse treatment

We will start with a  Substance Abuse Assessment that focuses on determining the frequency, quantity and duration of one’s substance abuse, current and history of use, the individual’s prior attempts at withdrawal, and whether or not complications occurred. We will also explore family history of substance abuse/dependence, support system needs and overall, the individual health status. 

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